A Step Pack.

Established in 2007, the Step Pack is a company devoted to trade in products and transformation of industrial packaging.

    Offers integrated solutions for packaging, automatic and manual.
    Step Pack comes as a result of the experience of its team in the area of packaging.

  • In 2008 was the first year of investment in the productive area with the acquisition of a cutting and rewind machine.
  • In 2010 began the transformation of automatic and manual stretch film through an investment in a new machine.
  • In 2013 we began a new phase in the company's life with an investment in a high-precision micro-drilling machine, which allow the micro-drilling in various widths (80 mm to 700 mm).
  • In 2014 the result of the huge growth it was necessary to relocate the production area for large space (600 m2) allowing this a faster way and prompt response to requests from our customers.
  • Our Vision.

    Company oriented to excellence to customer’s needs, offering products and high quality services and competitiveness.


    Stretch Wrapping pallets Machines.

    Stretch Wrapping pallets Machines

    Semi automatic Thermoshrink.

    Semi automatic Thermoshrink

    Manual thermoshrinkable.

    Manual thermoshrinkable

    Folded Films.

    Folded Films

    Laminated Film.

    Laminated Film

    Customizable Film.

    Customizable Film

    Micro Folded Film.

    Micro Folded Film

    Micro Laminated Film.

    Micro Laminated Film

    Automatic Stretchable Film.

    Automatic Stretchable Film

    Automatic Color Stretch Film.

    Automatic Color Stretch Film

    Manual Stretch Film.

    Manual Stretch Film

    Manual Stretchable Color Film.

    Manual Stretchable Color Film

    Macroperfurado Stretchable Film.

    Macroperfurado Stretchable Film

    Folded Film CF.

    Folded Film CF

    Laminated Film SW.

    Laminated Film SW

    Folded Film / Laminated.

    Folded Film / Laminated

    Plain Adhesive Tapes.

    Plain Adhesive Tapes

    Adhesive Tapes for Machines.

    Adhesive Tapes for Machines

    Customizable Adhesive Tapes.

    Customizable Adhesive Tapes

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